Sustainable Thinking | Salvatore Ferragamo UK

In order to act sustainable, you need to think sustainable.
Sustainable thinking is at the heart of who we are.
It’s about taking care of our footprint in the world.
The way we continue in the footsteps of Salvatore Ferragamo, creating lasting joy through
constant innovation and resourcefulness.
Heritage is our renewable energy.
We work with people, for people.
Inclusion, equality, and ethical conduct
are the foundation for all we build.
From the very core, to the fringe of our organization
everyone is involved first-hand
in keeping these principles alive.

We run together, we plant seeds, we look after each other,
we nourish the culture that raised us.
Sustainable Thinking is where we started.
It’s where we’re going with every step.
It’s how we carry forward the collective dream of progress.
Our everyday purpose, our centre of gravity.
Sustainable thinking is our pledge to be accountable for creating a beautiful enduring reality.
Hand in hand with craft, technology and discovery.
Because our biggest achievement is to make sure, every day,
that we’re manufacturing a better tomorrow.

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