Sushmita Sen’s advise to Renee Sen

Sushmita Sen’s advise to Renee Sen

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Bollywood actor Sushmita Sen’s daughter Renee Sen recently made her acting debut with a short film titled Suttabaazi but before her first film was released, Renee said that her mother gave her some valuable lesson about privilege. 
In an interview with NDTV, Renee said that she understands that she has to earn her place in the industry. 
“I am aware of how privileged I am. I know there are lakhs of people coming to Mumbai to become actors. I don’t want to boast but being her daughter has been the biggest privilege. So, the biggest disservice I will do if I am dishonest to my work,” Renee said. 

Renee further added, “My mother always says that you must be deserving, and you cannot just take someone’s place because you are my daughter, if you don’t earn it then don’t be in it. I am very lucky, and I have to earn being here every day.”
Renee Sen could be just another 21-year-old artist who has made her debut with a 15-minute short film, but her wisdom and confidence make you do a double-take. She sounds supremely upbeat about taking on the world with her craft.
“I can only stay focused if I am grounded. My mother reminds me to stay grounded, to keep my head on my shoulders, and work hard. To me, Sushmita Sen is my mother and I am aware of the privileges. I am very blessed that I am her daughter but at the end of the day, she is my maa. I, along with my sister, am being raised to be strong and to have an identity of my own. She is teaching us the values she wants us to have, and I feel like I am learning from the best but, most importantly, she is my maa and I love her the most,” she had said. 


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