Suffering from lower body pain? Try these three simple asanas with a blanket

Suffering from lower body pain? Try these three simple asanas with a blanket

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Pain in the lower body or the back is now an oft-heard problem that many are facing, especially those who are working from home amid the pandemic. One of the reasons behind this is reduced physical activity. To combat the pain, Rujuta Diwekar, celebrity nutritionist and practitioner of Iyengar Yoga, demonstrated three simple yoga asanas you can do anytime at home with just a blanket.

These asanas, Diwekar said, would benefit in the following ways:

– Strengthening lower body
– leg and lower back pain
– Constipation and bloating
– Restless leg syndrome
– Poor sleep

Here’s how you can do these exercises:

For calf pain and knee pain

*Place a rolled blanket next to the wall and stand facing the wall.
*Place your right heel on the rolled blanket and your right toe on the wall and push. Straighten your body, pull your hips in, and try moving closer to the wall.
*Repeat with the left leg.

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For leg pain, constipation

*Sit in the Vajrasana position.
*Lift your hips and place the rolled blanket on your calves and then sit again. Stay in this position for a while.

For back pain

* Lie flat on your back.
* Fold both legs at the knees and bring your ankles closer to the hips.
*Place the blanket in between your thighs and squeeze. Place your hands on your feet and lift your hips up without letting the blanket fall.
* Stay in the position for a few seconds and return to the starting position.

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