Slow down and relax with Japanese Rural Life Adventure

Slow down and relax with Japanese Rural Life Adventure

Japanese Rural Life Adventure uses a gorgeous and carefully crafted pixel art style.
Image: Game Start/Apple Arcade

Fans of cozy life simulation games will enjoy Japanese Rural Life Adventure. It’s about living your best (digital) life, with plenty of the traditional culture of Japan mixed in.

The app debuted Friday on the Apple Arcade subscription gaming service.

Japanese Rural Life Adventure is so very cozy

So many games are about hacking down hordes of enemies. But way on the opposite end of the spectrum are cozy life simulation games. These are intended to be relaxing, not challenging. To get people to slow down, not get amped up.

In Japanese Rural Life Adventure, players can experience slow living in the countryside surrounded by nature.
Play involves fixing up an old house and making the yard nice. They can also farm, cook, fish, collect, explore and experience the beautiful changing seasons of Japan.

Plus, the game includes traditional Japanese festivals — such as Hatsumōde, Ōmisoka, and Tsukimi — where players can meet and build friendships with neighboring villagers.

Start relaxing

Japanese Rural Life Adventure from Game Start is available now in the Apple Arcade section of the App Store. It’s playable on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, and game controllers are supported on all platforms.

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Fans might also be interested in Stardew Valley+, another cozy life simulation game that recently joined Apple Arcade.

Access to these — and over 200 more — comes with a $4.99-per-month subscription to Apple’s gaming service. And one subscription works for up to six family members. And there are never hidden costs in the games, as in-app purchases are forbidden.

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