‘Shrimaan Shrimati’ actor Maleeka Ghai suffering from bell’s palsy, says ‘I went almost numb’

‘Shrimaan Shrimati’ actor Maleeka Ghai suffering from bell’s palsy, says ‘I went almost numb’

In an unfortunate turn of events, actress Maleeka R Ghai whom you must have seen in ‘Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat’ has been struck by bell’s palsy.

She spoke to ETimes about the same and said, “Yes, it is very unfortunate. I was struck with Bell’s Palsy on Wednesday morning around 4 am”

She mentioned “I tried drinking water but the water started spilling out from my mouth and down my neck.I realized my right side of facial muscles refuse to cooperate with me. I went almost numb. Then I felt a lot of strain and pull in my right eye. I experienced a similar feeling at the back of my head too, somewhere around the medulla region. I felt something was serious. The very next moment, my vision got blurred and my right eye started to water, almost continuously. “Then, I gathered myself and somehow dashed to Kokilaben Ambani Hospital alone” “Many tests were performed on me. A lot of tests are still to be done.”

When asked if she saw any symptoms, she said, “Yes, but I didn’t realise. I had nerve contractions at the back side of my head. I thought it was some kind of headache. I was taking Disprin.”

When asked if her family is coming to meet her she said “No, my mother is too old. She has knee issues and my brother has a kidney ailment. I have told them I shall manage on my own. Generally, Bell’s Palsy gets cured in 3 months. I am feeling better and expect to win this battle. My doctors say that I am responding well and it could take a lesser period than that”.

Maleeka has been in a number of films, including ‘Raja Ki Aayegi Baaraat,’ ‘Hum Toh Mohabbat Karega,’ and ‘Heeralal Pannalal,’ as well as a number of television episodes, including ‘Shrimaan Shrimati,’ ‘Desh Ki Beti Nandini,’ ‘Saraswatichandra,’ and ‘Meri Aashiqui Tumse

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