SHOCKING! Devoleena Bhattacharjee reveals her teacher ‘misbehaved’ with her

SHOCKING! Devoleena Bhattacharjee reveals her teacher ‘misbehaved’ with her

Devleena Bhattacharjee, who is famous in every Indian household for her iconic character as ‘Gopi Bahu’, recently revealed that her maths tuition teacher misbehaved with her when she was young. Devloeena said that she wanted to go to the police and file a complaint, however, she could not do it because her parents refused to. 

Devoleena spoke about the incident in the show ‘Flipkart’s Ladies Vs Gentlemen Season 2’. In a new promotional video, Devoleena can be heard saying, “He was a very good teacher there. Everyone would go to him for tuition. All the good students and two of my best friends also went to him for tuition. Suddenly, after one week, they (my friends) stopped going. They went for one week, but stopped after that.”

The actor also revealed how she had complained to her teacher’s wife but also wanted to take some strict action at the time. 

Devloeena said, “Then I went for tuitions and then he misbehaved with me. I went back home and told my mom. We went to sir’s house and complained to his wife. All that happened. But, I really wanted to take some strong action, because my two friends were there….perhaps it happened with them as well and then they left the tuitions.” 

“They did not feel the need to inform me because they must have felt ‘what will society say? What will everyone say?’ My family also thought the same, right? That is why they did not go to the police and did not take any strong action. Today, I feel I must stand for myself and take action,” Devoleena further added, when asked why her friends did not confide in her. 

Addressing the parents, Devoleena later shared an important message and said, “This is advice for society and all parents. Whenever your children are suffering or facing something like this, please, please. Please, take action.”

On the work front, Devoleena is the latest wild card entry on ‘Bigg Boss 15’.

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