Shehnaaz Gill remembers Sidharth Shukla in new video, says ‘he taught me a lot’

Shehnaaz Gill remembers Sidharth Shukla in new video, says ‘he taught me a lot’

TV star Shehnaaz Gill, who was last seen in the Diljit Dosanjh and Sonam Bajwa starrer ‘Honsla Rakh’, was deeply affected after ‘Bigg Boss 13’ winner and actor Sidharth Shukla’s demise. The two were rumoured to be dating. However, they had never formally acknowledged that they were in a relationship. When Sidharth tragically passed away in September 2021, Shehnaaz seemed completely broken inside out. In fact, she went off-grid and lied low for a while before making her first appearance months later for the promotion of her film. And now, she seems to be in a better place than when we saw her first visuals at Sidharth’s funeral. 

On Tuesday, Shehnaaz shared a video chat with the late actor’s Guru, BK Shivani.

Shehnaaz shared the almost hour-long conversation on her YouTube channel where she opened up about her spiritual journey. She titled the video ‘Reset and Restart’ and discussed how to deal with the negativity, pain and loss.

In the video, mentioning Sidharth, she said, “I always used to tell Sidharth that I have to talk to sister Shivani. I like her very much, but Sidharth always used to tell me ‘Yes, definitely. You chill’ and then, it eventually happened.”

Shehnaaz also shared her experiences of the past two years in which she learnt how to be more patient and positive. Sister Shivani shared with examples how keeping negativity at bay is helpful and what one should do to keep themselves spirited.

Later in the chat, Shehnaaz spoke about those whose souls have departed and said, “People lose dear ones. From what I have experienced, I feel we should not think that we should have stayed together for more time. Rather, we should think that we have such good memories together.” “I often think how that soul gave me so much knowledge. I could not analyse people before. I was very trusting and I was really innocent at that time but that soul taught me a lot,” she added in reference to Sidharth Shukla.

Shehnaaz also alluded that crying at someone’s death will only cause more hurt and won’t help. To this Shivani responded by saying, “If we remain in pain, then even those who surround us will be unhappy. Not just that, even the soul who has gone will be troubled and feel the discomfort.”

Sidharth and Shehnaz grew close to each other when they were in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. Sidharth later won that same season in 2020. The duo also appeared together on reality shows such as ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ and ‘Dance Deewane 3’, along with featuring in music videos of ‘Bhula Dunga’ and ‘Shona Shona’. Sidharth passed away on September 2 at the age of 40 due to a heart attack.

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