Science Xplorers make science cool and exciting for kids

Science Xplorers make science cool and exciting for kids

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Children enjoying a Science class, experimenting with liquids
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With innovative, hands-on science experiments, Science Xplorers wants to help children ages 6-17 years master the fundamentals of science and coding.
Science Xplorers is having a Sensational Winter Programme
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“Science education must be based on application with experiments that enhance not only the teaching method but also the learning experience. We want children to see science in everyday life around them and to push their learning boundaries. When concepts become clear, learning about their application becomes easier and then creativity comes naturally to our students. Strong STEM skills offer numerous and diverse career opportunities to the future generation and we want to play a significant role in augmenting what we believe are 21st century skills ” says Sunita Chadha Co- founder and CEO, Science Xplorers.

Science Xplorers make science cool and exciting to learn. The curriculum is designed to foster curiosity among the students, developing a passion for discovery. After-school activities consist of engaging workshops in various subject areas, namely Science Spies, Fantastic Physics, Chemistry Mystery, Biologic, Robotics and Computer Programming.

Science Xplorers programmes provide wide varieties of fascinating real-life experiments to keep kids engaged, developing problem-solving and in-demand coding/computer skills in them. These science programmes aim to stimulate and empower young minds with fun exploration through “hands-on” science activities, enabling them to become lifelong innovators and achievers. Krishna Wadhwani, Head of Science says “while we constantly endeavour to make science fun, we also ensure that we build a strong academic backbone in our students which enriches their school learning and boosts their exam performance.”

Science Camps

The Science Xplorers Sensational Science Winter Programme sessions are from 13-31 December 2020 for kids of ages 6 to 17 years [5 sessions a week from Sunday to Thursday], allowing children to learn science in exciting new ways. The programme is designed to channelize their curiosity from a young age, which is crucial in shaping their minds to become astute learners.

Children can effortlessly master any subject area if it is taught in a fun, yet structured manner. With proprietary teaching materials and methods, Science Xplorers bring you the perfect combination of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) based after-school enrichment program that will bring all the concepts learnt in the classroom to life.

This Winter camp is loaded with fun, backed by some serious learning with each session to last for 180 minutes. It takes place at the Mathanasium Centres in Jumeirah 1 and Business Bay, as well as the Gema DAA and even online.

Daily rates – Dh 200 per session [siblings get 10 per cent off] and Dh 700 for five sessions [30 per cent off on weekly rate – pay Dh 700 instead of Dh 1000 when you book five sessions. Contact: 050 552 8993, Email :, Website:


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