Saudi Arabia: Companies must provide dress code for employees

Saudi Arabia: Companies must provide dress code for employees

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Cairo: All businesses in Saudi Arabia have to set an appropriate dress code for their male and female employees, according to Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Ahmed bin Sulaiman Al Raijhi.

The minister decreed that each establishment has to provide written dress code instructions for its employees to ensure their compliance and have an appropriate professional appearance, and that the dressing should be suitable for the employee’s job. The ministerial decree amends part of Article 38 of the Saudi Labour Law relevant to conduct at the workplace.

According to the decree, the employers are also instructed to make employees aware of the dressing code by displaying it in an obvious place at the workplace, and include in their regulations penalties for those who do not abide by related rules. The Ministry of Human Resources has warned that companies, which violate the decree will be penalised according to the labour system and relevant regulations.

The Saudi news agency SPA said that the decree aims at improving the Saudi labour market, unifying regulations and raising awareness of employers and employees alike of their rights and duties.


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