Ron Funches Discusses the Return of Apple TV+ Comedy ‘Loot’

Ron Funches Discusses the Return of Apple TV+ Comedy ‘Loot’

Courtesy of Apple TV+

The hilarious workplace comedy led by Maya Rudolph as a wealthy billionaire Molly Novak who divorces her husband and then becomes an integral part of one of their charity foundations returns Wednesday, April 3, on Apple TV+ and is even funnier than its preceding premiere season.

In addition to Molly’s transition into a person who must downsize her luxurious lifestyle, but often has trouble doing so after so many years of living the high life (for example, moving into a “little beach cabana” which is actually a sprawling mansion with five pools), everyone at the nonprofit organization is going through some changes this season, like Howard, Molly’s distant cousin and the foundation’s IT specialist, played by Ron Funches.

“Howard is pretty much me. I’m best at playing different versions of myself with different energy levels at different parts of my life,” Funches told us about this semi-autobiographical character. “During the pandemic, I stopped wearing hard pants, so I was like, ‘Can Howard not wear hard pants?’ And they were like, absolutely.”

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Ron Funches and Nat Faxon in ‘Loot’ Season 2 Courtesy of Apple TV+

In addition to playing a version of himself, Funches has also had a chance to learn and grow from being able to witness this version of himself from the outside, which is certainly a unique experience for anyone to have.

“One of the weirdest things about acting is that roles I get tend to teach me a lot about myself, and lessons that I didn’t need to know. Also when you’re getting cast, you learn a lot of how people view you. And so to see how I’m viewed can really give some insight,” he said. “I learned through the first season that I needed to value myself more, and have more confidence in myself; that I’m not just lucky to be on a show with Maya and all these beautiful and wonderful, talented people — that I’m also one of these beautiful and talented people.”

For fans of smart, witty comedy with a very diverse cast of characters, Loot is a must-watch.

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