Ranveer Singh starrer ‘83′ to come on OTT 8 weeks after theatrical release

Ranveer Singh starrer ‘83′ to come on OTT 8 weeks after theatrical release

Almost everyone praised filmmaker Kabir Khan’s latest sports drama ’83,’ from fans to reviewers. In a gigantic theatrical experience, the makers and producers of 83′ successfully made the audience remember the greatest win ever seen in the history of Indian sports.


According to a source close to the production companies, the picture will be distributed on an OTT platform only after 8 weeks of its theatrical release, as the film is still doing well in areas where theatres are still open.


A source close to the film says, “it’s a business decision and the film continues to attract cinema-goers to come and watch it for a theatrical experience that the film is made for in the regions where ever the film is still running and theatre are open. Hence the push from 4 to 8 weeks for OTT drop.”


83′ was released in theatres on Christmas Eve this year, to a huge excitement and acclaim from the crowd.

Speaking about the same, ’83’ director Kabir Khan said in an interview with Mid-Day that the film might stream on an OTT platform due to the sudden rise of COVID-19 cases in the country. 

“This film was ready with us 18 months ago. We wanted people to see it on the big screen because that is how it was designed. But such are the times that we live in. We tried hard to acquire a safe spot for the film, but the day of its release, there was a spike in cases. By day four, Delhi theatres had shut down,” Kabir Khan told the portal. 

“We don’t know if we will have to shut down tomorrow, or will be afforded another five to six days. If further restrictions are imposed, we will release the film on the web, soon. But I am keen [that] people take precaution and go to the theatres to watch it,” he added. 


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