Popular VR game ‘Job Simulator’ comes to Apple Vision Pro

Popular VR game ‘Job Simulator’ comes to Apple Vision Pro

As we reported earlier this year, Owlchemy Studios announced that it would be bringing its popular VR game “Job Simulator” to Apple Vision Pro in 2024. The game, which consists of performing tasks as if you were in a real-world job, is now officially available on the visionOS App Store.

Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator now available for Vision Pro

For those unfamiliar, Job Simulator is a game in which players can “work” in different professions, such as mechanic, chef, sales clerk, and office worker. The title was already available for platforms such as PlayStation VR and Meta Quest, and can now be downloaded on Apple Vision Pro.

The award winning tongue-in-cheek virtual reality experience that put the ‘fun’ in “funemployment” In a world where robots have replaced all human jobs, step into the “Job Simulator” to learn what it was like ‘to job’. Work the never-ending night shift with Infinite Overtime mode. Enjoy a dynamic, randomly generated workload while you grind for promotions – just like real life!

The game immerses the player in a virtual reality experience and players can use their hands to control everything. XR headset enthusiast Justin Ryan shared a gameplay video of Job Simulator on the Apple Vision Pro, and according to him, the game “performs really well” on the device.

In addition to Job Simulator, Vacation Simulator has also just been released for Vision Pro.

Although only a few apps and games have been released for visionOS since the introduction of Apple Vision Pro, developers have been slowly porting their projects to the platform. Earlier this week, Demeo – another popular VR game – was also released on the visionOS App Store. Having more popular VR titles available for visionOS will certainly help Apple boost interest in Vision Pro.

Job Simulator for Apple Vision Pro costs $19.99, while Vacation Simulator costs $29.99. The games are only compatible with visionOS.

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