Pokemon TCG mobile Card Dex to be removed from Google & Apple app stores – Dexerto

Pokemon TCG mobile Card Dex to be removed from Google & Apple app stores – Dexerto

Published: 2023-09-06T20:45:33

  ❘   Updated: 2023-09-06T20:45:47

The Pokemon Company has announced that the TCG Dex mobile app will be removed from the Google and Apple app stores soon.

The Pokemon TCG is a massive part of Pokemon’s brand. Since the first English Base set debuted in the West in 1999, nearly 100 total card sets have been released.

With so many cards to count and keep track of, many trainers relied on the Pokemon Trading Card Game Dex app, which allowed fans to digitally catalog their own collections and search for cards in each set.

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Now, The Pokemon Company has announced it will be sunsetting the TCG Dex app, and it will be removed from both the Google Play and App app stores.

Pokemon to sunset the TCG Dex app

The news came from an official blog post on the Pokemon website that confirmed the app will be removed from both storefronts on September 20, 2023, at approximately 10 AM PST.

For those who may not have heard of the app before, the TCG Dex was an app that allowed players to scan their own TCG card collection using the device’s camera and catalogue them digitally.

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This isn’t the first time that Pokemon has sunsetted an online app in recent memory, as the company shut down the Pokemon TCG Online on June 5, 2023.

However, the TCG Online app was replaced with the Trading Card Game Live, meaning the only trading card game experience did not disappear completely.

According to a recently published support page on Pokemon’s website, the reason TPC is sunsetting the Dex app is to “dedicated our full resources to the ongoing development of the TCG Live,” to ensure the best possible TCG experience.

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It’s important to note that this help page also confirms that TCG Card Dex data will not be exportable or transferrable in any way and that all data tied to the app will be lost on September 20, 2023.

For those looking to search Pokemon cards up, the Trading Card Database will be the only option moving forward.

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