Playfulness: The tool with which to navigate life’s challenges

Playfulness: The tool with which to navigate life’s challenges

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A TEDx video talks about the multiple possibilities that playfulness and creativity open for us.

“Being physically playful helps to maintain a playful state of mind, and that is key to being creative, courageous and resilient. Being playful helps one to be undaunted, not defeated by difficulties or disappointed by discouragement. It allows one to stay audacious and take risks.

“As children, we instinctively played with movements, sounds and gestures to make sense of the world around us. We are all born creative, curious and hungry to explore the world. Most of us have forgotten the wildness within us as we have acquired kids, jobs and mortgages. There is a perception that playfulness is only for children, or worse, for the lazy or the idle. Far from being a useless activity, playfulness, and thus imagination and creativity is a way of understanding both our external realities and internal subjective world.

“If we take our imagination seriously and give it concrete expression, we set into motion a process of understanding and integrating even the most difficult experiences. Creativity is our ability to come up with and act upon novel ideas and solutions. In an ever changing world, we desperately need to be open to unconventional solutions.

“If we maintain the same patterns and rely on the same routines, we almost always choose the most familiar answer that is the least interesting. We need to deepen our thinking to be able to see the multiple possibilities and grab the most innovative solution.”

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