No Way Home’ pics online

No Way Home’ pics online

In a video on his YouTube channel, Canadian film reviewer John Campea has revealed the details of what happened after he leaked ‘The Spider-Man: No Way Home’ pictures online. He talked about the whole scenario and said that he thought the images he received were photoshopped, therefore, he dropped them on social media with his watermark.

In the video, John Campea stated that he received a call after five minutes of posting the pictures on Twitter, saying that the pictures were ‘probably real’. The photo that he shared featured previous two Spider-Men Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire with the current Spider-Man, portrayed by Tom Holland, with the ‘The John Campea Show’ watermark.

In his video, John Campea stated, “This was not a PR stunt…A studio rep has talked to me and asked me to reveal who sent them to me. And while I’m not happy about what has transpired, I’m not giving up the person that sent it to me. I may not be happy about it but I’m not gonna give up the source. You guys know that I get a bunch of stuff and pictures sent to me all the time… Last night, I get an email from somebody sending me pictures that says, ‘Oh this is from Spider-Man: No Way Home’. And they are never real… Somebody sends it to me and I look at the pictures with three Spider-Men in it and I say, ‘Well this is clearly photoshopped’…The person who sent it to me said, ‘Don’t mention it was me’ so I pop it on my Twitter and I put my watermark on it…By the way, there were more pictures, I want to say four.”

He further said, “So I post these pictures and five minutes later I get this call from somebody, I won’t say who, saying that ya these pictures probably real. I’m like ‘Are you sure?’ And like ‘I don’t know 100% for sure but I’m pretty comfortable saying that these are most likely real’. And I’m like ‘Well s***’. So I immediately jump back on Twitter again only five minutes have passed and I delete them immediately. I obviously didn’t share the other two pictures. And the other two pictures are the more juicy ones, that’s all I’m going to say…When I delete it almost nobody had seen it they had like a hundred likes on it.”

“I was talking to a studio rep today and they basically said to me ‘I assume you thought these things were fake because you put your watermark on it. I don’t expect that you would try to steal the Mona Lisa and leave your business card behind for the cops to find you’. I’m like ‘Yes if I thought they were real and I was going to share them online I would absolutely not put my watermark on it,” he continued.

“You guys know I have a great relationship with studios, and I would never do anything to risk that, especially not for some cheap Twitter post…The reality is if these pictures end up being real–and I don’t know if they are, to be honest—but if they do end up being real, and let’s say if Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield do end up being in the movie, and they don’t show Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in a trailer soon, I’m going to feel terrible about this,” John concluded.

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