Mommy-to-be Bharti Singh shares her fear about rising COVID-19 cases during pregnancy

Mommy-to-be Bharti Singh shares her fear about rising COVID-19 cases during pregnancy

Bharti Singh will soon welcome her first child with Haarsh Limbachiyaa in April. But the comedian is scared about the rise in COVID cases and she shared her views about it. While speaking to Bollywood Life, Bharti asserted what if we have to face another lockdown, “I am really scared of rising covid cases. I always think that what will happen if lockdown will be announced.  I will go mad without any house help.” Singh confessed that after being a mother, she won’t be able to manage her personal and professional work on her own.

Bharti has started doing yoga as she prefers normal delivery over caesarean. “I am really very scared of caesarean, I’ve heard it hurts a lot later and I will be a working mother so I don’t want any complications ahead.” Recently Singh was spotted by paparazzi,  and when the paps quipped about the due, Bharti instantly said, “Arey waah, Daai maa idhar hi hai.” She later added that “Bas April mein mil jayegi aapko khushkhabri. Aap sab mamas tyaar rehna bache ka swagat karne.” The comedian further asked paparazzi, do they want a boy or a girl? A few said boy, and a few asked for both, to which Bharti said, “Ek hi hai, bus jo bhi ho… healthy ho.” Bharti concluded by saying, “Mama log poch jana ha…. mama bana hi diya aap sab ko.” 

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After several rumours stating that Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa are expecting their first child, Bharti Singh confirmed the news on her Instagram account in December. She posted a video that first showed her surprised checking the pregnancy test and then, she is seen dancing to the tunes of dhol. Announcing the news, Bharti and Haarsh have also launched their new YouTube channel called ‘LOL Life of Limbachiyaa’s’ where the couple will engage in fun conversations with their fans and make them laugh. The couple also plans to put up travel vlogs, challenges and BTS videos on their YouTube channel.  

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