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In years gone by, the queue outside an Apple Store on the morning of the launch of a new iPhone would go around the block, or even several blocks.

While those days are long gone, this morning there was a lot of hype for the new iPhone 15.

With the efficiency of online pre-orders meaning people could sit at home and just have their new iPhone delivered to their door, plus with the COVID pandemic bringing an end to queues like this, we all thought the days of people queuing for a new iPhone were over.

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The iPhone 15 launch event in Sydney still brought out a crowd. (Trevor Long)

This morning several hundred people ended up being in the queue for an iPhone as the doors to Apple’s flagship Australian store on George St Sydney flung open.

They were a mix of people who had booked an appointment and those who had just turned up in the hope of securing a brand-new phone.

At the head of the queue was MD Badsha Bulbul, he arrived at 11pm the night before and waited 9 hours to be the first Apple Retail store customer in the world to buy the iPhone 15.

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Bulbul, the first man in the world to buy the new iPhone 15. (Trevor Long)

Bulbul, as he likes to be known is getting a big upgrade too, and Apple couldn’t have hoped for a better poster boy for the new Phone.

His current phone? A Samsung A33, he told

And he’s chosen the most expensive iPhone too, purchasing outright the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

“I like the Natural Titanium colour, I think it will be the most popular too” he said.

So what drew Bulbul to the iPhone?

He’s been reading the news for sure, he proclaimed the Camera to be a big selling point along with the all-new Action button on iPhone 15 Pro Max.

All iPhone 15 models go on sale today, anyone who pre-ordered should receive their new phones today, but with stock available in major retail stores, Telcos and Apple Stores expect a rush on new phones this weekend.

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