Meet actor who worked on Rs-5000 salary, had no money to eat, did side roles in Akshay, Shahid films, became hero at 50

Meet actor who worked on Rs-5000 salary, had no money to eat, did side roles in Akshay, Shahid films, became hero at 50

This actor is a veteran in Punjabi cinema and did several side roles in Bollywood films as well before eventually getting a lead role when he was 50

When Kohrra released on Netflix last year, many called it lead actor Suvinder Vicky’s ‘overnight success’. That statement pretty much negates the actor’s two decade long struggle where he travelled from Punjab to Mumbai, stayed without money, and did side roles for years before finally bagging his first lead role when he was almost 50.

In a recent conversation with IANS, Vicy recalled the time when a few years back, after earning Rs 5,000 in a theatre production, he took the next train out to Mumbai. When the money did not last long and he was back in one month. There was a time in Mumbai when he hardly had money to eat.
There were minor roles for Suvinder Vicky in Punjabi films — the uncle, the distant relative. He was waiting for his ‘chance’, and knew it would come one day, but doubts had also started creeping in. For years, he did supporting roles in Punjabi films before moving on to stronger roles. During this time, he was seen in side roles in Hindi films too – most notably Udta Punjab and Kesari.

Cut to the web series Kohrra, where his stellar performance made even Karan Johar remark: “I was blown away by Suvinder Vicky’s performance, he is and will be the revelation of 2023 across film and streaming … his silences can launch a million scripts.” Kohrra released on Netflix in 2023, when Vicky was 50. It was his first major lead role.

“All elements came together perfectly well, each person knew exactly what to do. The atmosphere on the set was relaxed. Yes, I prepared well, and spent much time studying the character,” the actor told IANS during the recently concluded Cinevesture International Film Festival in Chandigarh.

The actor who had played a police officer’s role in back-to-back several web series admits that it was important to ensure to bring something new to every character. “Honestly, I did not have much choice. These were the only roles that were offered to me. However, I put in a lot of effort to ascertain I played all of them with different shades. I prepared differently for each role and put in a lot to avoid any kind of repetition. Of course, credit should go to the directors too.”

While Kohrra may have exposed him to a wider mainstream audience, Vicky had been doing exceptional work in Punjabi independent cinema. “Let us hope that they strive for cinematic excellence and not just box-office returns,” concluded the actor who has signed several Hindi films and web series after Kohrra.

(With IANS inputs)

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