McDonald’s x BTS collaboration: Unique ways in which fans are preserving the memorabilia

McDonald’s x BTS collaboration: Unique ways in which fans are preserving the memorabilia

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South Korean boy band BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, enjoys insane popularity around the world. There is so much craze surrounding the band that it was announced earlier this year that there would be a collaboration between the band and McDonald’s, an equally popular fast-food joint that is present in many countries around the world.

McDonald’s released a “BTS Meal” in May, in 50 countries including South Korea, the US and India. According to news reports, BTS Meal has taken McDonald’s outlets by storm, with more people making restaurant visits and placing BTS Meal orders. Reports suggest the BTS Meal comprises a regular chicken McNuggets set, with nine or 10 pieces of nuggets (depending on the country), two sauces, a Coke and fries. It is believed to be the band’s favourite McDonald’s order.

But if you think people are really after the food, you are mistaken. The reason the meal’s popularity has soared is because fans are after its packaging, which naturally differs from country to country, but broadly consists of the McDonald’s and BTS logos with the fandom colour purple, some designs featuring the word ‘Borahae’, a term coined by a BTS member for fans, which translates to ‘I Purple You’, a Vice news article states.

In fact, people have also started to preserve the band ‘merch’ in unique ways. Take a look at these instances.

Everything that the BTS Meal comprises is holy to the fans, and the Vice report states even the McDonald’s food containers have become their prized possessions.

What do you think of these unique merch innovations?

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