Mallika Sherawat’s boyfriend keeps complaining about THIS habit of the actress

Mallika Sherawat’s boyfriend keeps complaining about THIS habit of the actress

Even after missing from mainstream films, Mallika Sherawat never fails to make headlines. The actress, who has a massive fan following on social media, recently opened up about being in a happy and comfortable space viz-a-viz her romantic life. Mallika even shared some anecdotes about her personal life without revealing the identity of the man she is dating. 

Speaking about her beau, Mallika said that there was one habit of her’s in particular that her boyfriend keeps complaining about. 

It was during one of her recent public appearances, on The Love Laugh Live Show, when Mallika spilled the beans about her boyfriend whom she met in France while on a vacation. While confirming that she was in a committed relationship and the two of them were in for the ‘long haul’, Mallika, when asked if she was too busy for a relationship, said, “Yes, in the beginning of my career, I was working and I was really busy but one evolves and one grows, and now, I am in a very comfortable place in my life. Love plays a huge part.”

During the conversation, Mallika said that even though people assume that she parties and drinks, it was quite the opposite. She stated that her spiritual ways of living have her boyfriend complaining all the time over one of her habits. “I don’t like the party culture. I am more into a spiritual way of living, a holistic way. I love to sleep early. My boyfriend is always complaining, ‘Oh my God, are you a nun? You are always sleeping early. What is wrong with you?'” said Mallika, revealing what her beau always keep complaining about.

Mallika was previously in a relationship with her French boyfriend Cyrille Auxenfans. However, the two parted ways due to financial issues. 

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