Makeup colours you should use based on your zodiac sign

Makeup colours you should use based on your zodiac sign

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Colours carry energy, and certain colours can truly make you shine. They can enhance confidence, calm restless energy and add to your life in numerous other ways. But, did you know that even the make-up shades you wear could have an impact on your life?

Keep reading to know which shades you can include in your makeup to bring out the most powerful traits in your zodiac sign, according to Tamanna C, psychic, new age spiritual therapist and author of the book The Vertical Path.


Neutral colours like nude, pink, peaches will help you accentuate your features and make you look simple yet elegant at the same time. Don’t use solid colours.


You can go bright to bring out your fun-loving and funky style. Colours like coral, orange, plums and pinks will do wonders for you. Don’t go overboard though. Strike a balance with something nude once in a while.


You can use water shades like blues, greens, and even work around browns or earthy colours to strike a balance. Avoid metallic shades as they will overshadow your personality.
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You are one sign that can experiment with anything and everything as long as you only focus on one colour at a time. Don’t mix and blend too many colours together. Keep it bold yet simple.


Your colour choice should be all about pinks and red. Experiment with different shades and gradients of these two colours. Avoid very dark tones, as it will make it look like you are trying to go too bold.


Avoid nudes and brown. Be playful and experiment with pinks and peaches. You can even work with bronze when blended with another colour. Nude will make your personality look more pale and boring.


For you, it all depends on your mood. You can go from nude to red, all depending on what mood you are in. Avoid greens and blues on your skin as it will make you look even more intimidating or artificial.


It’s all about metallic. You love metal hues, and you can experiment with tons of grey’s/silver and even blacks and bronze.


You can go bright and dark at the same time. Red, mauve, wine, plum are all your shades.
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Go easy on dark shades. You tend to get too comfortable with pinks and browns, but you can play with different shades of the same colour family. Avoid silver/grey and work more with gold/bronze.


You should stick to basics. While you may get tempted to try what others are wearing, keep it elegant and unique to your character. Shades of light brown, gold and light pink will make you look more charismatic and less overbearing.


You are moody with your colours and avoid being too much in the eye but this year, it’s OK to experiment with bright palates of pink and metallic colours, but avoid blues, greens and wine.

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