Luxury brand sells telephone cord-like necklace; you won’t believe the price

Luxury brand sells telephone cord-like necklace; you won’t believe the price

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Amid several weird fashion trends, a necklace by a luxury brand is now doing the rounds on social media. Before you set your expectations too high, let us tell you what the necklace looks like — it resembles a telephone cord.

It was fashion watchdog page Diet Prada that recently shared a glimpse of the necklace on Instagram, causing netizens to react.

The cord-like necklace is by luxury fashion brand Bottega Veneta. And it costs a whopping $2000 (Rs 1,45,007.80). Don’t believe it? Take a look:

In the picture, Diet Prada also shared some actual colourful telephone cords, alongside the necklace, which are available online at just $5 (Rs 362).

Reacting to the necklace, American fashion designer Natalia Fedner reportedly wrote on the post, “I cannot. I know so many designers and artisans who work their hands to the bone, spend weeks on a single piece, make it from expensive materials – And charge less than this. Prices like this on cheap items, just because there’s a famous brand name attached, is pretty insulting to those of us who put so much effort into our handmade pieces. 5 minutes of their labor = 2 weeks of ours.”

“What a scam,” wrote another user on Instagram.

“I made my mom this same bracelet for Mother’s Day when I was like, 6,” another social media user wrote.

Would you ever care to spend so much money on a cord-like necklace?

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