Know real reason why Nayanthara did not promote her Bollywood debut Jawan, was absent from film’s success meet

Know real reason why Nayanthara did not promote her Bollywood debut Jawan, was absent from film’s success meet

Nayanthara has been known to maintain a low profile off screen.

Jawan was one of the most heavily anticipated films in recent times. Since it came after the massive success of Pathaan for Shah Rukh Khan, there was a strong buzz for it. It was increased by the fact that it was Atlee’s first film in Hindi and starred Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi. While the cast did not give any interviews pre-release, there were massive promotional events for the film both in India and the UAE. However, the film’s female lead Nayanthara was absent from these events.

Nayanthara’s absence from Jawan’s promotional events and success meet

Nayanthara did not accompany Shah Rukh, Atlee, Vijay, and others from the team to Dubai for the trailer event of Jawan, nor was she present at the grand audio launch held in her hometown Chennai. Even after release, at the success meet, the cast and director were joined by Deepika Padukone, who had a special appearance, but Nayanthara only appeared via a video message. This is the norm for the actress who hardly promotes any of her films and is usually reluctant to speak with the media.
Nayanthara’s no-promotion clause

As per multiple reports, Nayanthara usually has a ‘no-promotion clause’ in her contract whenever she signs a film. The actress, who has worked in some of the biggest hits in Tamil and Telugu industries, is known not for promoting her films and speaking to the media. In 2018, some Tamil actors and producers had even criticised her for the same but sources close to the actress said that she continued doing the same to safeguard her privacy. The clause kicked in for Jawan too, where the actress did not participate in the film’s promotions.

Nayanthara’s reluctance to speak with media

Nayanthara wasn’t always this reluctant to speak with the media. In the initial few years of her career, she promoted her films and spoke to the media for interactions as regularly as any of her contemporaries and co-stars. However, things changed in 2014 when several tabloid stories linked her with the already-married actor-director Prabhu Deva. The media frenzy around this alleged affair gave Nayanthara a lot of bad press, following which she distanced herself from the media and maintained a private life. In fact, till a week before the release of Jawan, she was not even on social media.

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