Keep helping others, no matter what: Sana Khan

Keep helping others, no matter what: Sana Khan

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Sometimes, we feel demotivated simply because we feel there is no one to help in our trying times, even though we have been there for others. But, it is important to understand that one shouldn’t expect anything in return after helping others in their time of need. That is exactly what former actor Sana Khan recently shared in an Instagram video.

Sana Khan Sayed, who quit showbiz late last year and married Maulana Anas Sayed, is all for helping others “as much as possible”. “Be helpful to everyone as much as possible. You will get your reward from Allah,” she said.

Adding that many feel dejected at not being helped in difficult times, she said, it is important to keep continuing with one’s efforts to help those in need since good deeds find acceptance from the almighty, and are rewarded in time.

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