Karan Johar takes dig at Bollywood filmmakers’ obsession for formula in cryptic note

Karan Johar takes dig at Bollywood filmmakers’ obsession for formula in cryptic note

Karan Johar took a jibe at filmmakers who are just following the trends and not producing anything original.

Karan Johar, on Thursday, took to Instagram and penned another cryptic note criticising Bollywood films for following trends without originality. He shared his opinion on filmmakers not producing original content.

He wrote, “Bada scale chahiye toh wo banaao. Action chali. Action banaao! Love story chali toh love story banaao! Chick-flick hit hui toh wahan jaao! Mausam har hafte badalta hail conviction har hafte marta hai! Box office hai bhaiya, Instagram reel nah 30 second ki trending mein reh jaaoge wahin ke wahin! (If you need a bigger scale then do it. if action worked, then create action! A love story is doing great, make that! If a chick flick gets a hit, then make that! The weather has changed frequentlyâ€æ the conviction has been killed frequently! It’s box office, not an Instagram reelâ€æ If you chase it, then you will land trending in 30 seconds).”
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A few days ago, Karan tookt to jibe at Bollywood celebs getting fillers. He wrote, “Fillers laga lo fulfilment nahin milti…Make up laga lo umar hai ghat thi (Applying fillers doesn’t bring fulfillment… applying makeup doesn’t make you younger).”

Karan added: “Karlo jitna bhi Botox, lagoge jaise madhumakkhi ne kaat liya… Naak badalne se gandh itar nahi banti (No matter how much Botox you do, you’ll end up looking like a fly stung you).”

“Going under the knife se exterior badal bhi jaaye… Lekin meri jaan…Fitrat nahi badalti (Going under the knife will only change your exterior and not your nature).”

Meanwhile, Salman Khan and Karan Johar teamed up for the first time in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 25 years ago. After this, we never saw them working together. They were supposed to collaborate again after so many years for their film The Bull.

However, as per the media reports, Salman Khan has backed out of the film. As per a Bollywood Hungama source, Karan Johar asked Salman for more time, wanting to delay their project until July. So Salman decided to focus on another project with Sajid Nadiadwala and AR Murugadoss, which is set to begin in May 2024.

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