Janhvi Kapoor flaunts her curves in floral bikini, gives a sexy twist to ‘lungi dance’

Janhvi Kapoor flaunts her curves in floral bikini, gives a sexy twist to ‘lungi dance’

Bollywood actress Janvhi Kapoor, who is having a good time in Dubai with her sister Khushi Kapoor, has dropped sizzling hot pictures of herself on Instagram. The ‘Dhadak’ actress has been raising the temperature with her hot pictures in a bikini.

Janvhi Kapoor on Thursday posted a series of jaw-dropping pictures of herself from Dubai on Instagram. In the pictures, she can be seen wearing a floral bikini set. While sharing the pictures, she wrote, “lungi dance.” In no time, her pictures have gone viral on social media. As soon as she posted the pictures, celebrities, and her fans started commenting on them. 

Her close friend Orhan Awatramani commented, “Tip tip barsaaa pani,” while her uncle Sanjay Kapoor wrote, “Clap food suited you.” Earlier, she had posted pictures of herself sitting on the sand bike in Dubai and having fun with sister Khushi Kapoor. Khushi has also shared pictures with the caption, “99 problems but the beach ain’t one.”

Khushi and Janvhi have been there for each other through thick and thin. They often hang out together, post pictures of each other. Being a star kid, Janvhi in an interview with the Indian Express had said, “I have been overtly aware of my privilege since I was a kid. It’s not as if nepotism began to exist for me when I entered the film industry. It has existed since I was a kid. At school if I got good grades or if the teacher would compliment me in front of the class, there would be students who would go like, ‘Arey because your parents are famous that’s why she is sucking up to you.’”

“I have gotten that (reminder of privilege) all my life. It was always in my head that I have to do more to prove myself, to overcompensate… Or that self doubt… I have always carried that with me fortunately or unfortunately,” Janvhi stated. 


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