Is Ripple the Next Amazon, Google, or Apple? Wealth Manager Shares Insights

Is Ripple the Next Amazon, Google, or Apple? Wealth Manager Shares Insights

In a recent livestream interview with Versan and Vandell Aljarrah, founders of Black Swan Capitalist, Clive Thompson, a renowned wealth manager, expressed his positive outlook on Ripple and its native digital asset, XRP. Vandell predicted that Ripple’s payments network and XRP would continue to thrive, eventually becoming adopted by every bank. 

Ripple’s Growing Dominance in the Banking Sector

But what’s making this Ripple effect in the market and how banking can help Ripple revive? Ripple’s impact on the market is growing, especially in South Asia. Despite its legal issues in the U.S., Ripple’s services are gaining traction. Recently, major Japanese banks like Yamaguchi, Momiji, and Kitakyushu started using Ripple’s MoneyTap P2P service, indicating increasing confidence in Ripple’s technology. This shows Ripple’s potential to revolutionize international money transfers, making it a key player in the financial world.

Ripple Will be As Big As Apple, Amazon, or Google in the US, if?

During the interview, Versan anticipated a complete victory for Ripple in the ongoing case, but people who make rules need to find a good balance between making sure everything is fair and letting new technology grow. Even though Ripple’s partial victory faded soon XRP tumbled 40% within 2 months. Ripple is rumoured to announce its first IPO on Sep 29 making it the top contender post Bitcoin for mainstream adoption. While John Deaton has said previously that XRP the native token of Ripple will replace the king crypto soon. 

On this, Clive Thompson agreed and said he hopes Ripple can become as big as famous companies like Amazon, Google, or Apple. He thinks it could become so important that even the government might find it hard to stop. Moreover, Ripple’s decision to fight back with the SEC is also noteworthy. Many experts have cheered this decision as their win is the next big thing in the Coinbase vs. SEC lawsuit. Many hail Ripple’s example in filing a motion against the SEC’s unfair practice and questioning Gary Gensler’s role in the crypto slowdown.  

The wealth manager voiced his support for the judge’s verdict that XRP is not a security, affirming his belief that Ripple will prevail, even in the face of the SEC’s appeal. This perspective underlines a growing optimism in Ripple’s potential to reshape the financial landscape.

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