iOS 17 release: Apple's new operating system has a lot to offer – USA TODAY

iOS 17 release: Apple's new operating system has a lot to offer – USA TODAY

As the tech world moves from the hype of an Apple event to the demands of the pre-order and release cycle, the backbone of the company’s tech is set to receive an update.

After opening the pre-order for the iPhone 15 on Friday, iOS 17 is the latest in the release pipeline coming off the “Wonderlust” event. The new operating system wasn’t mentioned in the video presentation, but details were released the same day.

The update for the operating system will include additions and improvements across Apple’s flagship product as well as the AirPod.

Here’s what to know about iOS 17.

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What’s new with iOS 17?

Live voicemail screening: The new operating system will allow users to read a transcript of a voicemail in real-time and decide whether to pick up the call.

Standby mode: iPhone users will be able to put their phones into standby mode while the phone is charging on its side. In this mode, the phone can function as a clock, shuffle through photos or operate widgets.

FaceTime update: Users will be able to project calls to an AppleTV device. The iPhone or iPad will serve as the outgoing camera, but incoming video will be seen on the larger screen.

NameDrop: This new feature, an outgrowth of the AirDrop feature, will allow iPhone users to exchange contact information by holding their phones close to each other.

Adaptive Audio: Introduced into the AirPod Pro, this mode will modulate the volume of media and noise cancellation to match the user’s surroundings.

Conversation Awareness: iOS 17 will also include a Conversation Awareness mode, which will customize the volume of what’s playing and amplify the voices of the people in front of you.

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What’s improved with iOS 17?

FaceTime users will now be able to leave video messages if the person they are calling does not pick up. The messages will function similarly to a voicemail and callers will have available to them all the assorted video effects that a completed FaceTime call would.

Users will also be able to program iOS 17 to automatically silence FaceTime calls from non-contacts.

The operating system will add new options for the “Check-In” feature.

For those who use iPhones as a phone, the phone app has added capabilities to create new visuals to alert a person for a call from a contact.

The Autocorrect and predictive text features will also be improved in the update.

Users will now be able to mute a microphone, media or end a call directly from AirPods.

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