iOS 17 arrives; so do memes

iOS 17 arrives; so do memes

Apple has introduced an array of features in iOS 17 designed to make messaging a more engaging and streamlined experience. The update is touted to enhance daily communication by allowing users to express themselves in new ways, find messages faster, and share content in innovative methods.
The tech giant has created a single platform within iMessage for all of the most commonly used apps. A ‘plus’ icon now appears on the iMessage screen, making it easier to access frequently sent items such as pictures, voice messages, and geographical locations. Swipe up, and users can explore even more apps within iMessage.

In a move towards enhancing safety, iOS 17 now includes an automatic ‘Check In’ feature. This function sends a notification to a designated contact as soon as the user arrives at a specified destination, be it their home or another location.
The purpose is to keep friends or family members informed and reassured about the user’s safety.

Another attention-grabbing addition is the ‘catch-up arrow’, aimed at improving message navigation. This arrow symbol appears and guides users to the first unread message in a conversation, enhancing user experience. In addition, swiping right on any message now allows for a quick and effortless reply.

Searchability within iMessage has also seen an overhaul. Users can now combine multiple search filters, making it simpler to locate specific messages in an increasingly cluttered messaging environment.

For those who like to share and view locations, the update brings something special. With the tap of the aforementioned ‘plus’ button, users can share their own location or ask for a friend’s location, which will then be visible within the message thread itself.

Sticker enthusiasts have reason to rejoice as well. A new sticker drawer consolidates all available stickers, emojis, and Memoji into a single, easily accessible place.
Moreover, these stickers will now sync across iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices through iCloud.

The newest iOS 17 update also offers transcriptions for audio messages, letting users read the content immediately or save it for later listening.

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