I’m Not a Thong Person, so I Found Something Better

I’m Not a Thong Person, so I Found Something Better

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I really did try to be a thong lady. I’ve spent years wearing thongs and secretly hating every minute of it. They always end up being the last pair of underwear in my drawer, and thus becoming my go-to pair on laundry day and laundry day alone (so sexy, I know). 

My conundrum is this: Thongs are subjectively sexy, but the pairs of underwear I’d prefer to wear are so much more comfortable. Now that I’m past my days of really caring, I’ve tended to lean toward the comfort side of things, but always felt a bit blasé, and to be honest, frumpy. Fortunately, when I fell in love with Cuup’s underwire bras, the brand’s panties unintentionally solved my underwear problem, too. 

Since my days as a bashful junior high student shopping around for frilly thongs at Victoria’s Secret, I’ve learned lace, embellishments, and a half-inch of fabric aren’t the only parameters of sexy, as proven by Cuup’s modal and mesh underwear. 

First of all, you won’t even believe how soft the modal is. Buttery and stretchy, once you have Cuup’s modal bikini on, the underwear is so comfortable you forget you’re wearing anything. The bands don’t leave you with painful indentations (that’s what my skinny jeans are for) and the bikini lays flat against your skin. 

The cut is simply minimalism at its finest. But it’s done so well that the shape of the underwear looks elegant rather than plain. The colors only help their case, too. There are neutrals like taupe, white, brown, and black, but the brand has thrown more playful shades into the mix if you’re looking to spice things up, like emerald green, hot pink, and leopard print.

While the modal bikini was an answered prayer of sorts, I also had the privilege of wearing Cuup’s high-waist Tap underwear. Made of mesh, this pair is breathable and hugs your body without awkward or restrictive squeezing. Reaching for your waist, the underwear obliterates any idea of a “granny panty,” and once you have these on, you’ll feel like a vintage-tinged goddess—until reality sets in and you realize you really need to get dressed for work now.

And, the question you’ve all been waiting for: No, you won’t spend all day grinning-and-bearing it through non-stop wedgies. Both the super-soft modal and breathable mesh stay put and don’t bunch up just for the hell of it.

Update your underwear collection with pairs that are refreshingly simple, sexy, and won’t leave you hating what’s in your intimates drawer. Shop all of Cuup’s pretty shades starting at $18.

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