I’m also angry but I don’t go shaming people

I’m also angry but I don’t go shaming people

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Adhyayan Suman is out with his new music video, this time with his girlfriend Maera Mishra. He spoke to DNA about that, along with Sushant Singh Rajput case, and remarks in the middle of the case.
Adhyayan spoke about a BJP leader asking NCB to interrogate Kangana Ranaut based on his interview from five years back. ‘Why wasn’t any notice taken at that time?,’ he asked, among other things.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Tell me about your song…
It is a single. The idea popped up during the lockdown. It was when I was away from my girlfriend Maera and we had no certainty about meeting. The thought is about a boy and girl coming together despite everything. It’s a soft and romantic song. My first single was an out-and-out commercial song. I get the liberty to do as I want, which is satisying. With just three songs, my channel has crossed two lakh subscribers. I’m just tired of running behind the mafia. So I thought if I have to take a risk, then I should do it myself.
Did you approach a VFX team?
Yes, I have my own team who work on my videos. At the end of the song, the boy surprises the girl, because he can’t stay without her. The song is very soft and it is an old-school romance. It’s like falling in love initially, where you never know how the days and nights are spent.
Tell me about your love story with Maera…
The song, I could say, is our lockdown story. She was in Bareilly when the lockdown happened, while I was in Mumbai. We didn’t know what would happen next. The song is inspired from our own story.
What inspired you to take up music videos?
Being out of work mainly. I was scared, to be honest. People, however, are loving my songs. For ‘Jab Tak 2.0’, I was scared about their reaction, but people have cried and messaged me and thanked me. It also came from a very emotional space. I want to inspire more artists. I learnt that if people connect with your emotions, the song automatically works.
Now people have been raising their voices in Sushant Singh Rajput case. How do you feel?
Amazing. I think all the other noises should fade now. Media and the industry has hit an all-time low. People are calling the industry ‘gutter’. ‘Made In Heaven’ and ‘Delhi Crime’ have been nominated for BAFTA, which is a huge achievement. Thus, you cannot call an entire industry gutter. Yes, a part of it needs cleansing, but with the three people talking, it was uncalled for. I’m also angry, I haven’t got work for 10 years. People have thrown me out of projects, I know it all, but it doesn’t mean that I would name them out in public, naming and shaming them, making it bad for the industry. It should all end faster, because if not by coronavirus, people will die of toxicity.
A BJP leader had asked that Kangana Ranaut should be investigated by NCB based on your statement about her. What do you have to say?
I don’t think I want to say much about it. People have been dragging my name, when today I’m in a better position. Why drag my name after an interview that was given almost five years ago. Why wasn’t any notice taken at that time? The interview was not to shame anybody or point fingers. It was an emotional outburst that I wanted to speak about. It’s good to be silent some times but not all the time. This was just a case where I came out and spoke about what I had been through. With folded hands, I want people to respect my privacy and just be fair. Dragging me today is unfair. After that, people talk about mental health. I had also spoken about it, but I think unless you are a superstar, you have no right to speak.
Any collaborations with another celebrity yet?
I haven’t thought about that yet.

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