‘I work on acceptance every day’: Sameera Reddy talks about ‘back flab’ and body positivity

‘I work on acceptance every day’: Sameera Reddy talks about ‘back flab’ and body positivity

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Around the world, millions of people have talked about and even embraced positive body image, allowing themselves to flourish despite what society thinks.

Actor Sameera Reddy is one of them. Her social media account is a testament to the fact that she does not care what people may think about her and her body, but that if she can inspire someone to love themselves a little more, it would be a win-win.

Not only does she post about her ‘messy’ life as a mother of two, but she also talks about her struggles — both physical and mental. The actor, in her latest Instagram post, once again promotes body positivity.

Sharing a collage of four different pictures highlighting different parts of her body, she writes: “Which part of your body makes you most uncomfortable? Is it stretch marks? Loose skin? Belly? Acne? Thinning hair? White hair? Cellulite? For me, it’s my back flab and arms.”

“I work on acceptance everyday (sic),” she says, adding that it has taken her a long time to embrace herself.

The actor explains that your body is “listening [to everything] and every time you have a negative thought of how much you hate it, it’s only magnifying how bad you feel”.

“The best exercise for #bodypositivity is to look at the parts that you feel insecure with and be kind to yourself. Everyday like a mantra. #imperfectlyperfect #bodypositivemovement 📣”

Body positivity is an important movement, and just like Reddy, many other celebs have also spoken for the cause in the recent past.

Sometime last month, Reddy had shared another empowering post on what one can do with their ‘flab’. “Staying active with dance…any kind of movement and stretching can make a big difference in your mood even if you are conscious or feeling low about your body.”

She even shared a video captioned: “What to do with your flab”.

Talking about her “jelly belly”, she further wrote, “My son loves my jelly belly. I see it. I own it and honestly it doesn’t bother me at all! It’s about rocking the journey… not just pressuring yourself to get to the destination.”

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