How much (actual) crap would you go through to get back a lost Apple Watch?

How much (actual) crap would you go through to get back a lost Apple Watch?

This is not the outhouse in question, but you get the idea.
Photo: Photo by Максим Косяков

Like many people, you probably love your Apple Watch. But would you lower yourself down through a toilet into the business end of an outhouse to get it back? That’s what a Michigan woman did.

The good news is she found the watch. The bad news is she got stuck in the crap and had to be rescued.

Woman rescued after following lost Apple Watch into crap-house

Many stories about Apple Watch and iPhone tell of amazing rescues in the wilderness or dangerous medical conditions discovered in time to save lives. Not this time.

This story is more about a woman’s remarkable dedication to her wearable, as reported in USA Today via the Detroit Free Press. And the watch didn’t even save her. People heard her screams and called Michigan State Police to the scene.

The unidentified woman somehow lost her Apple Watch down the toilet in an outhouse at a boat launch at Dixon Lake, about 230 miles northwest of Detroit.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 hero 1536x864 2 780x439 - How much (actual) crap would you go through to get back a lost Apple Watch?
If it was a brand new Apple Watch Ultra 2, would you go in after it?
Photo: Apple

When the cops arrived, they found her under the toilet in the containment chamber. She told them what happened. So they took out the toilet and used a strap to pull her out of the muck.

No word on the model or its price, but with Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 just out, inquiring minds want to know if it was a $1,000 model or a $200 model that rated such drastic action.

Police warned the public not to risk serious injury by doing what she did. But, in the end, she escaped without damage to her Apple Watch or herself  — except perhaps to her dignity. And she may need new clothes.

Would you do what she did to get back your Apple Watch? (Not that you should.) Feel free to comment below.

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