Here’s why Gwyneth Paltrow’s application of sunscreen in a recent video is highly misleading

Here’s why Gwyneth Paltrow’s application of sunscreen in a recent video is highly misleading

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In a recent video on Vogue‘s YouTube channel, actor Gwyneth Paltrow shared her beauty secrets and her everyday skincare routine. The 11-minute video shows the founder of Goop sharing her favourite moisturisers, cleanser and serums. Somewhere in the video, she applied her mineral sunscreen with a 30 SPF.

While doing this, she said: “I am not a head-to-toe slather sunscreen person, but I like to put some on my nose and the area where the sun really hits”. She applied it in a way that one applies a highlighter. This particular step in her skincare routine has led to Paltrow facing much criticism from beauty aficionados.

Viewers called her out by saying that it is a wrong way to apply the sunscreen. One of the viewers wrote: “I’m not trusting her on the sunscreen advice when all I see is sun damage 💅”, while the other commented, “Don’t even bother to apply sunscreen if you’re adding that little to your face, it’s not gonna do much.”

To understand why Paltrow’s application of sunscreen is deceptive, connected with Dr Kaleem Khan, MD, consultant dermatologist, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai.

“Sunscreens protect you from UVA/UVB rays which can be emitted from many sources of light such as the sun, your tubelight and devices,” Dr Khan said, adding that using sunscreen once a day is the bare minimum you can do for your skin. “It should be applied after 2-3 hours.”

We use sunscreen to protect ourselves against the rays. While our clothing protects those parts of the body from rays, the exposed parts such as our hands, face, ears and even feet need sunscreen, the dermatologist explained.

“What Paltrow is doing in the video is wrong on many levels. Firstly, she is not even applying a uniform layer on her face and she is using barely anything. Furthermore, she is using a pea-sized amount of SPF 30 sunscreen which will not give her any protection. The ideal amount to cover the face and neck is about half a teaspoon of sunscreen,” Dr Khan said.

He also suggested out that for “people with sensitive skin who burn easily in the sun, a sunscreen with SPF of 50+ is a must-have”.

Check out the actor’s video below.

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