Here’s what you can do when you visit Auckland, the world’s most livable city

Here’s what you can do when you visit Auckland, the world’s most livable city

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The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has named Auckland in New Zealand as the most livable city in the world. In the pandemic, as many countries wrestle to contain the spread of the infection, New Zealand’s smart management has put Auckland on top, beating the likes of other global cities like Osaka, Japan; Adelaide, Australia; Wellington, New Zealand; Tokyo, Japan; Perth, Australia; Zurich, Switzerland; Geneva, Switzerland; Melbourne, Australia; Brisbane, Australia.

In a statement, the EIU said: “New Zealand’s tough lockdown allowed their society to reopen and enabled citizens of cities like Auckland and Wellington to enjoy a lifestyle that looked similar to pre-pandemic life.”

With vaccine travel happening already, you can look to a future when you can visit this city. Depending on the number of days you spend here, here are a few touristy things you can do. Read on.

* You can start with visiting the Auckland Art Gallery, which is located in an old French Renaissance building. It is home to some of the most extensive and exquisite collection of artworks in the country. There are around 15,000 artworks on display here including jewellery, furniture, ceramic works, paintings, etc.

* Next, you can check out the Auckland Zoo. It opened in 1922, and is home to over 1,400 animals, birds, and reptiles — you can imagine how spacious it would be. It is also an important educational and research institute, which conducts talks and feeding sessions for you to enjoy.

most livable city in the world, visiting Auckland, Auckland tourism, why you should visit Auckland, places to see in Auckland, things to do in Auckland, Auckland New Zealand, indian express news The Waiheke Island’s ferry terminal in Auckland. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

* There is also the Auckland War Memorial Museum, which will give you a peek into New Zealand’s past. It opened in 1929, helping visitors understand the country’s history and military campaigns. It houses many specimens, including historical artifacts and artworks. It is, however, the museum’s displays of Maori and Pacific Island culture that attract people.

* The highlight of your visit must be the Sky Tower. As the name suggests, it towers over the city, reaching for the sky, with its colossal height of 328 metres. The tower was built between 1994 and 1997 for telecommunications. It is one of the most iconic landmarks in the entire city, and you cannot leave it without visiting this place.

* If you want to be closer to nature, however, you can check out the many islands around here, including Waiheke Island, which is the third most populous island in the country after the North and South Islands. Then, there is also the Tiritiri Matangi Island and the Rangitoto Island.

* Lastly, before you close your trip, make your way to Mount Eden, which offers the best view of the entire city. It is a summit, from where you can see the Manukau Harbor. It is the city’s volcanic peak, and the mount was once believed to have been used by the Maori as a fortress; its crater is considered sacred even today.

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