Good Apples New York bringing certified, pre-owned Apple store to Arnot Mall

Good Apples New York bringing certified, pre-owned Apple store to Arnot Mall

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HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WETM) – Apple customers in the Southern Tier will no longer need to drive to Syracuse to receive help for their products or to buy certified pre-owned Apple products.

Good Apples New York, owned by local businessman Jerome Emmanuel, will be opening in the Arnot Mall this spring with the goal of making Apple products and services more accessible to the community.

“We’re very excited, excited to bring it to the Southern Tier, we’re excited to bring it to the mall,” said Emmanuel.

Despite several stores closing in the mall in recent months, Emmanuel sees an opportunity in our community.

“I think that the mall is a good fit for us,” said Emmanuel. “I think the mall isn’t dead. I think that we need to create destinations. Places where people would go and create traffic to help other businesses succeed and I think it’ll be a good fit.”

The store has a deal with some of Apple’s distributors to sell certified used Apple products that have been traded in.

“It’s not brand new products so you’re not paying thousands of dollars for a computer. We offer another price that’s relevant to our community, and we make the product accessible. I think that’s the big piece, having a business but also making the product affordable for the community that we live in. We know a lot of people are hurting, we know everybody needs computers right now because of distance learning, and we know that not everybody can afford to spend thousands of dollars on the computer so we wanted to be able to bring that option here to the Southern Tier.”

The store will offer most Apple products except iPhones and will be able to help customers with computer upgrades and in-house technical support.

“It’s not just about profit, it’s about community and being that it’s about the community you know, I think that every organization has some obligation to the community and we’re no exception.”


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