From colour to direction: Feng Shui tips for the main entrance of your home

From colour to direction: Feng Shui tips for the main entrance of your home

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The main entrance of a home is more than just a means of entering the house. It is considered to be the ‘archway that leads to victory and progress in life’. According to feng shui, the main entrance is one of the most important areas of one’s home. It is also referred to as the mouth of qi, which, as per Classical Chinese philosophy, means life force. If you are looking for feng shui tips for home entrance then read on.

Pankaj Poddar, co-founder of Hipcouch explained, “Apart from being the point where the life force enters the home, the entrance is also the first thing that guests, or anyone who passes by your home, notices. Here we have some feng shui tips for home entrance that will not only ensure prosperity and good vibes, but will also take care of its aesthetic aspects.”

Have one main entrance

People often have multiple entrances apart from their front door. It might be the door of a garage, a back door, or a side door. While it isn’t ‘wrong’ to have more than one entrance, what matters is the one that you use the most. Always use the main front entrance when you need to step out, or inside your home. Ensure you exit through the specific entrance.

Pay attention to the direction

The most auspicious direction is considered the south-facing one as it allows chi (life force) absorption, peace in family, and light to enter the home. Also, it is important that you know how to check the direction of the front door of your home. The facing direction of your front door can be found out by standing at the entrance of your home, looking outside, and then, with the help of a compass, finding out where it points. Do the process at least 3 or 4 times to get the correct idea.

Have a proper entering space

It is quite common to have the home’s entrance door open straight into a living room, or a dining area. However, it is always best to define your house entrance and have a separate space for it. If having a separate space is not possible and the area that your door opens up in is a large space, you can opt for a rug to help define the entrance of the home.

Maintain the front door

It is important you take care of the front door’s appearance and functioning of your house. Ensure the paint is not coming off or the door does not make noise when opened, the lock fits perfectly among others.

Ensure that everything is in proper condition and working fine. It is believed that these little hindrances affect on your day-to-day life. Ultimately, they add up and might even affect your health. Also, make sure that you clean the front door every once in a while. Do it with the intent that you are wiping off or cleaning away all the negative energies from your home.
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Pick the right colour of the door

According to the direction of your entrance door, there is a perfect colour for the main door. If your main door is South-facing, choose fiery red. In case the entrance door is North-facing, go for either black or a dark shade of blue. For east and south-east, natural wood colour is the best and for west and north-west, yellow or ochre colour is suitable. Finally, for the south-west and north-east directions, opt for the peaceful white colour.

Size matters

We all love palaces, and we want the feeling of stepping into a royal house at times which is why we might end up getting a large entrance door. However, this is a mistake and must be avoided. Yes, walking through huge doors might appear to be a grand idea, but as per feng shui, your entrance door should not be too big or too small. It’s believed that an entrance that is bigger than the required size will end up inviting more energy into the home that it is needed. The result? Space might become a little overwhelming. On the other hand, small front doors might not allow enough room for adequate energy to flow into a home.

However, there is a quick fix for homes that have smaller doors. You can just place a mirror on both sides of the entrance door and trust it to balance the amount of energy entering your home.

Ensure there are no hindrances

Cramped spaces, blocked entrances, dustbins or dying plants at the doorway are not encouraged. If your entrance door opens into a space where there are dying plants and dustbins, the entrance will not invite prosperity in the house. It actually has a negative impact on the entire home.

On the other hand, any obstacles when the front door opens will make the energy stagnant and might lead to blocked opportunities. Don’t block the good vibes, create a space where they are allowed to flow freely throughout the home. You must remove all those extra objects from the entrance of your home and make it more inviting for the energies that you wish to enter. Plants, paintings, or beautiful lamps are a great idea to create an inviting entrance space that will be perfect as per feng shui.

Pay attention to the entrance’s visibility

If your friends can’t spot your home entrance, then it is possible that the chi will have issues as well. Ensure that there is nothing blocking the view of your main entrance to the home. It is said that when the entrance of the home isn’t easily visible, opportunities don’t find it as easily.

Make the entrance welcoming

We want to enter a house that feels welcoming. And nothing says ‘Welcome’ as well as the welcome mat. Invite the good vibes, and prosperity inside your home by placing a welcome mat at the entrance. The perfect mat would be as wide as your door or a little larger.

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