‘Find moments for yourself’: US First Lady Jill Biden’s advice for working mothers

‘Find moments for yourself’: US First Lady Jill Biden’s advice for working mothers

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US First Lady Jill Biden recently shared some important advice for working mothers, based on her own experiences of juggling a career with raising children.

The FLOTUS, who has already started teaching, making history as the first First Lady to do a job, discussed the challenges of being a working mother in an interview with Parents. She advised mothers facing burnout to “find moments” for themselves.

Jill, who has been teaching mothers at her school Northern Virginia Community College, was quoted as saying, “What I tell them is that you have to find moments for yourself. You have to. We moms spend so much time questioning ourselves – at least I did. We need time to just quiet those voices in our head.”

The 69-year-old also talked about how the pandemic has made things even more challenging for working mothers since they could no longer send their children to school or plan playdates while they work.

“Many moms were having a hard time juggling it all before the pandemic. Now they can’t send their kids to school while they work. There are no playdates to help burn off energy. They’ve lost the network of family and friends who can help out. And they’re expected to supervise remote learning while working or job hunting,” Jill said.

She also reassured mothers by saying that they are strong and resilient. “Maybe you’ve made mac ‘n’ cheese for dinner one too many times. Maybe your temper is shorter than usual. Maybe you’re too tired to be the ‘fun mom.’ It’s okay. You’re not failing. You’re strong. You’re resilient.”

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