Eating out may now cost you 20% more as restaurants in Mumbai set to hike prices

Eating out may now cost you 20% more as restaurants in Mumbai set to hike prices

In Mumbai, now the eating out at a restaurant will be heavy on your pocket. Due to the increase in the price of LPG cylinders, petrol, vegetables and increase in labour cost, restaurants may increase the prices on their menu by up to 20 percent in the coming days.

According to The Indian Hotels and Restaurant Association, the prices of food items in the restaurant are set to increase by about 20 per cent. After this, a dosa that costs Rs 75 will cost Rs 90, Dal Fry worth Rs 130 will be sold for Rs 160 and Ppav Bhaji worth Rs 120 will cost Rs 145. Similarly, the prices on other dishes will also increase by 20%.

According to restaurant owners, commercial cylinders became costlier by Rs 226 last week. A cylinder of about 19 kg was available in July in Rs 1,498. Then its price reached Rs 1,724 and now it has become Rs 1,950. The same is the case with the prices of vegetables and petrol and diesel. Their prices have also increased a lot compared to before.
Due to the strict restrictions and lockdown imposed due to coronavirus, restaurant owners faced recession for about 18 months. After this, when the cases of the virus decreased and the government started unlocking the public place, the restaurant and hotel owners heaved some relief. However, this happiness lasted for a short time and the ever-increasing inflation became a back-breaker for them.

According to the restaurant owners, even if stopped at this, it would have been tolerated but many of the workers who had left the city and migrated to their native places during the lockdown have not returned yet. In such a situation, there is a shortage of labour in the hotels and restaurants of the city. To keep the old staff in their place, now the restaurant owners have to pay them more.

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