DNA Exclusive! Rajkummar Rao more than an actor, he’s family: ‘Chhalaang’ director Hansal Mehta

DNA Exclusive! Rajkummar Rao more than an actor, he’s family: ‘Chhalaang’ director Hansal Mehta

Create your Web Presence with Namecheap5618 DNA Exclusive! Rajkummar Rao more than an actor, he’s family: 'Chhalaang' director Hansal Mehta

A highly anticipated social comedy ‘Chhalaang’, is all about taking a leap of faith, or so believes director Hansal Mehta.
Made with the underlying idea of taking small yet significant steps in life that often play catalyst to creating incredible stories and encourage everyone to go that extra mile whilst leaving most awe-inspired, ‘Chhalaang’ is a leap that director Hansal Mehta and Rajkumar Rao, who have made several intense social films together such as Shahid, Omertà to name a few, took together and how! 
All set to put smiles, brighten lives and spread happiness on the special occasion of Diwali, the flick which also stars Nushrratt Bharcuccha, is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 
A hilarious, yet the inspirational journey of a PT master from a semi government-funded school in Northern India. Montu (Rajkummar Rao) is a typical PT master for whom it is just a job and when circumstances are difficult for him, Montu is forced to do what he has never done – teach. 
So, in order to know a little more about Montu and Neelu (Nushrratt Bharcuccha) and the film, we spoke to director Hansal Mehta in an exclusive tête-à-tête.
Here are some excerpts from the interview: 
– Tell us about the film.
Chhalaang is like a leap of faith for me. Raj (Rajkumar Rao) and me, we have made different kinds of films together. All our films, that were intense previously, have been well received by the audiences. But, we felt it was time to try some new territory. And although Raj was doing humour-kind of films, I felt he had that urge that I should also try my hand at humour. And then, Luv. who was shooting in London at that time, called me and narrated this idea to me and I thought to myself that it is a lovely idea, something worth taking a leap of faith.
– Why was the film’s title changed from Turram Khan to Chhalaang? 
Turram Khan was never its title actually. It was just a working title. In the absence of a good title, we had just called the film Turram Khan instead of calling it production 4 or 5. And then, the moment when Luv pointed to the titled Chhalaang, I thought it was very apt as it goes with the theme and story of the film.

– Now that the cinema halls have opened in the unlock phase, don’t you feel Chhalaang should have a theatrical release? 
The film was intended for a wide theatrical release. It would have been great fun to watch Chhalaang with an audience but given the current circumstances, I think there couldn’t have been a better time to release this film than Diwali. We have all been through a tough time and these have been very difficult months. So, at a time like this, a film that brings some smile, some, happiness and joy to the audiences, it’s really welcome. And given Amazon Prime’s huge reach, we will reach our audience and put a smile on the audiences face.
– Tells us how your relationship with Rajkummar Rao has evolved?
This is our 5th film together and our 6th collaboration. Our relationship surely has evolved over time. He is more than just a collaborator or an actor. He is a part of my family. Having said that, every new film comes with its own set of challenges, and as director and actor we are both always looking at challenging ourselves and are keen to ready to push ourselves further to try new things and that is the constant factor in our evolving relationship.
– In an interview, Nushrratt said that she felt you would never cast her in your films. Did she ever speak to you about it? 
When I was signed for this film, Raj had already been signed for the film and talks with Nushrratt had already happened. I had seen her work and found her to be an interesting talent. She was very willing to work and dive into a character and for me, an actor who is willing to dive into a character, is my kind of actor, I would love to work them. I don’t know where she got that impression that I would never work with her, we have never spoken about that. I think after working with me Nushrratt must have realised that I have a very open mind.  I don’t have this close mind about who works in my film and who doesn’t.
– Lastly, what message do you think your film will convey to the audiences? 
The film talks about physical training and education and how holistic growth is important for the overall growth of our children. The film tells a lot about life, competition and teaches how through physical education you can keep your mind and body fit.

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