Dia Mirza gives first glimpse of son Avyaan’s face from ‘peek-a-boo’ playtime

Dia Mirza gives first glimpse of son Avyaan’s face from ‘peek-a-boo’ playtime

Dia Mirza, who gave birth to her baby boy, Avyaan Azaad Rekhi, in May of last year, has released a video of him on Instagram. In a video uploaded by the ‘Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein’ actor, Avyaan can be seen playing ‘peek a boo’ with a toy. The song ‘If you’re happy and you know’ plays in the background of the video. Dia is introducing her son to the public for the first time. In earlier photos and videos, she has opted to obscure the baby’s face.

“Peek-a-boo Playtime,” Dia captioned the video of Avyaan she shared on her Instagram Stories. In the video, he can be seen grasping Dia’s toy and then looking at her innocently from beneath the toy.


Dia and her husband Vaibhav Rekhi had their first child, Avyaan, in May. He was delivered via emergency caesarean section since he was born early. He spent a few weeks in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) before returning home.


“As we watch this tiny being, this Zen master in awe and wonder, we learn from him, in all humility, the true meaning of trusting the universe and of parenthood. And to not be afraid, and so we humbly take the lead from his resilience and courage. We do not have enough words to thank all those who continue to help us live this story of hope and faith and create a safe, healing, nurturing space for Avyaan and I,” Dia wrote in an Instagram post, announcing Avyaan’s birth.

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