Dalljiet Kaur’s husband Nikhil Patel reveals why their relationship ended, breaks silence on extra-marital allegations

Dalljiet Kaur’s husband Nikhil Patel reveals why their relationship ended, breaks silence on extra-marital allegations

Nikhil Patel denied his marriage with Dalljiet Kaur and said they were not legally married. With this, he also revealed when and why their relationship ended.

Dalljiet Kaur’s estranged Nikhil Patel, in his recent interview, broke his silence on extra-marital allegations and revealed why their relationship ended. He also said that legally they were never married.

In an interview with ETimes, Nikhil said, “In January this year, Dalljiet decided to leave Kenya with her son Jaydon and return to India, which ultimately led to our separation. We both realised that the foundation of our blended family wasn’t as strong as we had hoped, making it hard for Dalljiet to settle in Kenya. In March 2023, we held an Indian wedding ceremony in Mumbai. Though it held cultural significance, it was not legally binding.”

He mentioned that the ceremony was done only for the actress’ family so that she could move to Kenya. He said, “This ceremony was intended to reassure Dalljiet’s family about her move to Kenya. Despite our efforts, Dalljiet found it challenging to adjust to life in Kenya, missing her career and life in India. The complexities of our family dynamics became increasingly apparent.”

He added, “This proved to be challenging for us due to cultural clashes, different values and beliefs, and this was something that began to develop as the relationship matured. My daughters have a mother who remains irreplaceable regardless of the status of the relationship between them.”

He further mentioned, “Dalljiet informed me, her son’s school, and others on the day she decided to leave that she did not plan to return to Kenya, except to collect her remaining belongings. I have safely stored these belongings for her. Her departure marked the end of our relationship for me, and despite her concerning social media activity over the past five months, I have found closure and solace, moving forward positively. However, Dalljiet’s recent assumptions and impulsive posts on social media have caused confusion and distress among those around me. She has expressed a desire to return to my life and has crossed boundaries. Her posts have been misinterpreted, resulting in unnecessary harassment of family and friends unrelated to this situation. I hope she stops this behavior.”

He then wished the actress for her future and said, “I have always believed in addressing misunderstandings with clarity and respect. It is important to set the record straight, not just for myself, but for everyone involved. I sincerely wish Dalljiet all the best and hope we can all move forward positively.”

Recently, Dalljiet confirmed trouble in her marriage with Nikhil Patel, she took to Instagram to discuss her relationship status and accused Nikhil of backing out on her and their son, Jaydon. She wrote, ” “My clothes are there, my chooda is there, my temple, all my things are there, in fact my son’s clothes, books and his hope from his father is there. It’s my in-laws place, the painting which I made is there. But my husband is saying it’s not my house. He is saying we never got married. Is he not my husband? What do you think? Is Nikhil not my husband? Did we not got married?”


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