Concept imagines Apple Watch X with Ultra-inspired design

Concept imagines Apple Watch X with Ultra-inspired design

We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about a completely redesigned “Apple Watch X” to be introduced later this year, as the Watch is about to turn 10. We still don’t know for sure what this new Apple Watch X will look like, but a group of designers have created a concept imagining something like a thinner Apple Watch Ultra… with a FaceTime camera.

Apple Watch X concept

“We have worked on a detailed design concept and mockups of an Apple Watch X for more than 3 months now and have collected several rumors, patents and news about the upcoming Apple Watch,” Designer Lukas Gehrer from German design agency Wordsmattr told 9to5Mac.

At a glance, the Apple Watch X concept looks very familiar to the current Apple Watch Ultra. However, while Ultra is thicker, the concept imagines Apple Watch X as a thinner version with slightly curved edges rather than being completely flat. The concept also shows what a darker titanium Apple Watch would look like.

Of course, since we’re talking about a concept, it goes beyond just showcasing a new design. This Apple Watch X concept also features a camera built into the screen for FaceTime and a blood pressure sensor.

While there are rumors about Apple working on a blood pressure sensor for its smartwatch, there are no signs that the Watch will get a camera – and honestly, I don’t think it needs one.

You can check out the full concept here.

Here’s what the rumors say

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple Watch X will be the “biggest overhaul yet” to the Apple Watch. Rumors suggest that the new design will make the product thinner and also introduce a new magnetic band system that could end up breaking compatibility with current watch bands.

However, although a launch later this year would be more logical, analysts believe that the new design could end up being pushed back to late 2025 due to its complexity.

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