‘Children never stop learning, neither should we’: David Beckham

‘Children never stop learning, neither should we’: David Beckham

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As the Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, former footballer David Beckham gave an inspiring speech at the United Nations on World Children’s Day, advocating each individual’s responsibility toward making the world a better place for children all around the globe. He made a mention of kids who are deprived of shelter, nutrition, children suffering due to natural calamities, children being separated from their families.

Beckham said, “Like all children, they have ambitions and dreams for a better future”.

“As leaders, as public figures, as parents, and of course, as human beings, we must all do more to protect children’s dreams because the future doesn’t belong to us. It belongs to children”.

Further, he emphasised on the necessities of children, “Around the world, the vices of children are getting louder. They are calling for better health, a visit to a doctor, a simple vaccination against diseases, a plate of food, and clean water to drink. They are calling for a seat in the classroom and the loudest voices are coming from girls, they just want the same opportunities as boys to learn and develop.”

Beckham prompted everyone to ask themselves, “Are we listening as adults? Are we humble enough? Are we smart enough to realise that in the face of every single child, we can see the future of the world?”

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