Can’t step out? Bring Lohri celebrations home this year with these festive tips

Can’t step out? Bring Lohri celebrations home this year with these festive tips

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Any festivity or celebratory gathering has to be done with utmost care and caution, since we are living through a pandemic. It is natural for people to sometimes get carried away in the festivities, but that is when they can potentially risk their health. On the occasion of Lohri, therefore, Mudit Jaju, the founder of CherishX, shares with some safe ways of celebrating at home and making it memorable. Read on.

Home decoration

The celebrations cannot be as grand this year, but if you’re planning to host a Lohri party, bring a traditional vibe to your house by adding elements that depict the true essence of the festival, suggests Jaju. “This can be done by ordering a theme-based decoration kit online, instead of going out to the market and spending time collecting the right material. Look for Lohri decoration kits having kites, colourful lanterns, and lights that are perfect for a winter evening.”

Garden decoration

When planning a celebration for a newly-married couple or a new baby in the family, make sure you use the backyard or your garden, if you have one. It could be decorated with lanterns, kites, theme-based cutouts, and lights. This initiates the festival by bringing traditional vibes and positivity. “Also, sitting around the bonfire with your loved ones can bring in the celebratory spirit.”
Lohri 2021, Lohri 2021 celebrations, Lohri 2021 at home, Lohri at home, home celebrations, safe Lohri 2021 celebrations, indian express news A festival is an opportunity for people to gather and celebrate together. Lohri is not different. But this year, several restrictions are in place for gatherings. As such, you can plan a get-together at home! (File photo)
Limit the gathering

Before the pandemic, Lohri was celebrated with great enthusiasm: people used to host grand celebrations in banquet and party halls. To have a safe celebration this year, the government is urging families to stay indoors. In this situation, the number of guests you are planning to invite is significant. The best way is to limit the gathering so that guests can maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet, says Jaju.

Do not self-isolate

“Lohri is all about showing gratitude to God and being together with people. Many people are afraid of getting infected. Thus, they self-isolate and miss out on special occasions. This needs to be avoided. One can always celebrate while following all safety protocols. Wear a mask, avoid touching surfaces, stand away from people, and enjoy!”

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