Big boost! Final Cut Pro app gets upgraded to support iPhone 15 Pro videos

Big boost! Final Cut Pro app gets upgraded to support iPhone 15 Pro videos

Apple has updated the Final Cut Pro app on Mac and iPad to make it ready for the massive upgrades rolled out on the iPhone 15 Pro models. The popular and powerful video editing software is known to be the go-to app for editors who work with videos shot on the iPhone. And that’s why it was important to give it an upgrade, as the iPhone 15 Pro models arrive with a new video mode called log-encoded video. Users can find it when shooting ProRes videos. This new mode was developed to give editors more control over the color profile of the video shot and let them have more creative control over the video. However, Final Cut Pro did not support log-encoded videos earlier and many had questioned the move to add the feature while Apple’s most premium editing tool did not support it. However, this has now been fixed.

Apple today updated the patch notes for Final Cut Pro, along with other video editing apps such as Motion, Compressor, and iMovie, to add support for log-encoded videos, as per a report by MacRumors. The patch notes now mention, “Take advantage of the flexibility and dynamic range of log-encoded video shot on iPhone 15 Pro. Enhance the look of footage shot on popular Fujifilm, DJI, and ARRI cameras using new log profiles”.

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Final Cut Pro now supports iPhone 15 Pro’s log-encoded videos

Log-encoded video mode records low-contrast videos with washed-out color profiles, which is preferred by editors as it does not contain any artificial color profiles. This means that the videos can be tuned as per the preference of the editor. So, editors can manipulate colors better and even match the color profile to certain cameras, improving the overall quality of the video. It should be noted that the iPhone 15 Pro is the first iPhone to support this mode. Additionally, they are the first smartphones to add support for the Academy Color Encoding System.

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For those of you who struggle to find the new video mode, just go to ProRes mode and find the options between HDR, SDR, and log color encoding. The Final Cut Pro for Mac costs a one-time payment of $299. On iPad, there is a monthly and yearly subscription fee for the app.

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