‘Be hungry for success’: Arnold Schwarzenegger

‘Be hungry for success’: Arnold Schwarzenegger

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In 2019, Arnold Schwarzenegger presented an inspirational speech at Emory University. “I was wondering what I should be talking about here today. So I sent my staff out and did a little survey here among some of the students. It was interesting: 17 per cent want me to be inspirational. 23 per cent want me to give practical advice. And 30 per cent just want [your] money back for ‘Jingle All the Way’. The other 30 per cent wanted me to say the following lines,” he joked rattling off his famous cinematic lines.

He went on to talk about his life, the decision behind joining politics and shared his advice for the students.

“You all should go and be hungry for success, you should be hungry to make your mark, and you should be hungry to be seen and be heard and to have an effect out there.…Start with simple things, like coaching a school soccer team, or helping a child learn to read, or deliver meals to someone who is homebound,” he said.

“Use your power and potential and make this nation, and this world, a better place. It worked for this immigrant who came over here to this country with $20 in his pocket. And I guarantee it will work for you, too, the 2010 graduates of Emory University. I am proud of each and every one of you, of how far you’ve come. And I know you’re going to make great, great contributions to this state and to the world,” he concluded.

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