BB17’s Ayesha Khan questions paparazzi ‘where are you zooming’, slams them for clicking actresses without consent

BB17’s Ayesha Khan questions paparazzi ‘where are you zooming’, slams them for clicking actresses without consent

Bigg Boss 17’s wild card contestant Ayesha Khan wrote a strong note against the paparazzi culture and questioned basic manners.

Bigg Boss 17 contestant and social media influencer Ayesha Khan slammed the paparazzi culture for capturing actresses from different angles, which at times, also led to actresses feeling embarrassed. Nowadays, ‘Guess Who’ videos are among the top trends on social media. 

On her Instagram stories, Ayesha made a strong statement on paparazzi and claimed that the actresses are captured while they are adjusting their outfits Calling it “absolutely obnoxious,” Ayesha shared on stories, “What are these angles? Where are you Zooming? Consent? What is wrong with some of the media houses? Can’t a woman dress the way she wants without having the fear god knows from where anyone would click what angle. Absolutely obnoxious!”
Here’s Ayesha Khan’s post

image - BB17's Ayesha Khan questions paparazzi 'where are you zooming', slams them for clicking actresses without consent

Ayesha asked media houses not to promote this trend and, to stop putting out such videos, “A woman is adjusting her dress before stepping out the car and you want to capture that exact moment and post, a woman is saying don’t capture me from the back. Tadaa! The caption for the next post. “XYZ” says don’t click from behind. Some of our media houses need to learn basic manners,” Ayesha further wrote.

This isn’t the first time when a female artiste objected to paparazzi culture. A few months back, singer Neha Bhasin was spotted making her way out of the gym when she asked shutterbugs, “Kal mere back ka picture kisne dala tha? Gaaliyan padhti hain mujhe.” Neha politely asked the paps not to zoom in on her, “Zoom in mat karna,” she said.

About Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan is among the popular social media influencers, but her recent stint with Bigg Boss 17 gained her a household name. Ayesha entered the show to ‘expose’ Munawar Faruqui. She accused Munawar of double-dating, and on the show, she also claimed that Munawar promised to marry her. After Ayesha’s entry, Munawar lost track of the game, and he asked her to forgive several times. Munawar admitted that he was unclear about his relationship status with Ayesha, and his ex Nazila Sitashi. Later Munawar Faruqui won the show, and Ayesha was evicted a week before the finale through live voting. 

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