Bad news for iPhone users! Apple to stop helping customers on X, YouTube

Bad news for iPhone users! Apple to stop helping customers on X, YouTube

If you use Apple products, there could be a change in how you get help with the problems you are encountering. It might become harder to tell Apple about issues you are facing through social media platforms like X and YouTube.

According to MacRumours, Apple is planning to make some big changes in how they provide customer support. They’re thinking of saying goodbye to the people who help you on Twitter, YouTube, and the Apple Support Community website. This means that, starting later this year, you won’t get direct help from Apple employees on these websites anymore.

From October 1, the @AppleSupport Twitter account might stop giving you personal replies to your direct messages. Instead, you could get automatic messages telling you how to contact Apple in other ways for help.

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Apple might stop answering technical questions in the comments section of their YouTube support channel too.

Apple Support Community

Apple is also thinking about getting rid of the paid Community Specialist job in the Apple Support Community, where people go online to ask for advice.

Apple employees will likely not be sacked. Apple is offering a choice to their employees who work in social media support. They can switch to jobs where they help people over the phone, but not everyone might want to do this. Some sources say that Apple is making it hard for these employees to change to other chat-based support jobs unless they have a good reason, like a medical one. This has made some people on the social media support team unhappy.

Training for a New Role

People who choose to switch to phone support will get training to learn how to help people on the phone. This transition is supposed to be finished by November, according to one source. But those who do not want to work on the phone have been told to look for jobs outside of Apple.

Apple has been helping people on Twitter since 2016. The social media site was controversially bought by billionaire Elon Musk last year, and it was later rebranded to X. Recently, Apple explained their decision to their employees. They said that most customers prefer getting help over the phone.

As of now, Apple has not said much about these changes. They have not given an official response to questions about what’s happening. So, you will have to wait and see how things turn out.

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