Aruna Arya Gupta talks about the whys and wherefores of her acting career

Aruna Arya Gupta talks about the whys and wherefores of her acting career

Reported By:Aruna Arya Gupta talks about the whys and wherefores of her acting career| Edited By: |Source: |Updated: May 11, 2022, 10:20 PM IST

We love watching the western-pop artists featured in their songs. And the day when they stop, half the world may go insane. But why are we discussing all of this? Because it has a lot to do with Aruna Arya Gupta, a deft wordsmith, and burgeoning actress. The woman whom we hold in high esteem for her peerless writings has turned to be an actor with her music videos Laazmi and the recently released Aaja Shyam.

Speaking of why Aruna Arya turned to acting, she said, “I steered towards acting because that was the way I could live my philosophy and add life to my thoughts. For a writer to bring her story to life is a big and unvoiced dream. Moreover, who isn’t excited to explore new fields, especially when it comes to acting? “

Aruna Arya Gupta not only turned to a new leaf, but she also added a new talent to her already inspiring skill-set. The actress looked beguiling in both her music videos and did complete justice to them with her promising acting skills. We ought to say that Aruna Arya has won many fans by featuring in the musical translation of her poems.

Opening the doors of acting, Aruna Arya Gupta also unlocked the window of modelling. How? Since the actress has already acted in some of her work, she has been invited to endorse some reputed brands in Kolkata and has done numerous photoshoots as well.

Currently, Aruna is winning all praises for Aaja Shyam. Though Aruna Arya Gupta hasn’t commented anything about acting in films or starring in any other music videos, we believe that people would love to see the actress on bigger screens as well. But as of now, she has showcased her acting in her writing recreations only.

Besides being an actress, Aruna Arya Gupta is also known for a few best-seller books and heart-touching poems. The actress is a quintessential beauty with a brain. Also, Aruna is very generous at heart. She has contributed to a huge number of philanthropic activities. We hope that she keeps adding more of these new talents to her skill-sets.


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